as it is also written, be thou a yogi.
and forgive 70x7.

as it is also written, be thou a yogi.

and forgive 70x7.


my entire family cant give up on this whole nonsense man. i cant sleep. this shit is driving up the wall bro. so. i still am not gonna write that fucking apology. i really dont have anything at all to apologize for. what? so im a really good actor? the fuck dude. i thought my mom wanted me to be an actor or like whatever im gonna be someday? come on dude. 

so i went to ol dirty man.

he never fucked around with me. i call him my ace.

thats my thought. thats my verse. 

all he told me was this:

and Elijah cometh nigh unto all the people, and saith, `Till when are ye leaping on the two branches? — if Jehovah [is] God, go after Him; and if Baal, go after him;’ and the people have not answered him a word.”

the fuck man?

Christians acting like they’ve never even HEARD the word of god spoken by a Non-Christian isnt as moving as you think.

its pathetic, and weak.

if i see the Strength in the G-D you serve? and you dont? what pity should i have for you?

at that point;

you arent even a believer.

you are a god damned consumer victim.

all i gotta say to you. 

no fuckin apologies man. sorry i cant help how good i am at expressing something you would never understand in the first place. its just true. 

go ahead. judge me.

i fucking love it.

edit: i must make a correction.

a lot of you guessed my name correctly. 

grand prize to the winner, this Halloween. 

fuck man;

my mom is making me write an apology letter. 

she is seriously making me address to the Illuminati, Black People, White People. And those stupid assholes I called Raelins. Or whatever. I hate that fucking shit. THa thsi so STUPID MAN. I CANT EVEN THINK STRAIGHT. anyway. i guess ill have to apologize for that too. whatever man. just dont ever give your mom the digits to your tumblr password. she will fucking go crazy man. 

god damnit man. i dont care its. its not even really gods name in vain. the christians should be apologizing to me.

she wont even let me sign it whiteface.

im not telling you shitheads my government name. i know how the internet works. whatever. this is only so i can have a place to stay while i record my album. shut up man. its gonna be awesome. bet you 20 whole fucking dollars (not doll hairs, you broke shithead) that its better than yours. 

and if not i bet you gonna throw it away and some kid is gonna pick it up and somehow find out how to become a millionaire without sellin your soul to Seniorito Geffen. 

man stay gully you know i respect so thats for my people. seriously man. livin witcha mamma man. thats the only struggle really. that and that other thing. ill mention that again later. 

she almost made me delete it btw but its important that i bleed you dry before i show you what i have in stock for you.

just some rap shit man.

just some fuckin… idk… music?

art. yeah i guess you can call it an art.

whatever dude im not apologizing to shit. that momma dont know me ok. i aint apologizin for naan buddy’s feelin’s been hurt. 

so fuck apologizin man. for real.

Feelings are meant to be fucking scattered and destroyed. Forget the way you used to live if you want to know me. Forgot about all the things you thought you expected or sought in a person.

I have overcome myself more times than i am able to count at this time. 

the fuck you been fuckin up to??????

oh. workin. cool. yeah. you. yeah. youre right. thats real real real cool. whatever. see ya at the crossroads.

whatever that means.


recording again thursday. hopefully.

can you believe i am capable of becoming much more weird?

just kidding. this is about as good as it gets.


October is the month of Rosary:


October is the month of Rosary:

((Do it openly? Like, answer the asks publically? Maybe I should.))

i meant the disgusting “rapist”. a fool plays in those quarters. real men dont drink milk, unless they are thirsty, and there isnt any fucking bier. fuck outta here kid. i dont support serial killers either. everyone research this individual he has had a hell of a time recovering yet i am still unsure of his intentions. may his heart remain still, und, in mein language. Peace. To be Unto You. welcome to the hood, cracker jack. ;_OOOO

no one called me back.

sucks for all of us.

im back.