The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time → dungeons

im not;

telling anyone im a Christian anymore. I am hereby a Gnostic until further notice. I am not naive enough to be immune from the principle of change. You can all go to hell seriously. Literally. I don’t care at all anymore. Not in a mean way! in a just fuking bein like go to hell and burn forever i really dont care if its real or not ive washed my hands of absolutely everyone. just die, thats what i really mean. i mean, im pretty sure youre gonna die anyway, so, why is that such a bad thing to say? how about this? how about all of you go and die? see, now thats not so bad is it?

ok so i guess i will put a link on here to the facebook i just started back up again too. i have 0 officially likes as of 6:15AM. cool. check it out.


forgive and forget?? haha no resent and remember

i wish you didnt write haha. but maybe i need to lighten up. thanks, um… gaypee?… fuck yeah dude…


buffering more like suffering


hi. was gonna wait til peak tumblr hours to post this but f*k it!!!! this is the first thing ive recorded for my very p0nx mixtape. i hope u like it!!!!! oh im whiteface and he is novacaine noah. hehehehe. ttfn.